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Your Electronic Loss Specialist, Calming the Chaos…Whenever, Wherever It Strikes

Our focus, expertise and passion is electronic losses. We offer a wide range of consulting, restoration, and related services, performed by degreed engineers and trained technical support staff. We determine what occurred, how it occurred, and what can be done to resolve the loss. We also resolve losses directly through our equipment restoration services.

We provide our services to professionals, organizations and individuals dealing with damaged electronic equipment. Whether the damage is the result of a large-scale environmental disaster or an isolated personal event, the disruption can be devastating. We minimize that disruption.

We’re Fast, Fair, and Cost-Effective

Every loss requires timely and thorough resolution, and this is where we excel. With decades of combined experience on the front lines of electronic loss mitigation, we have perfected our “rapid recovery” approach. This streamlines the process, fully supports clients, and assures optimal outcomes with full documentation.

We have the honor of being among the first responders to some of the most catastrophic disasters in recent U.S. history, from 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina to Superstorm Sandy. Whether you need help with a huge, complex loss or a single piece of equipment, we’ll work to resolve your case with the precision, passion, and professionalism that remains our gold standard.

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