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In-House Testing

Replacement Cost Value & Actual Cash Value: Calculated with Confidence

Replacement Cost Value
In order to determine the accurate replacement cost of electronic equipment, we utilize multiple avenues of research.

Our process involves sourcing costs from numerous resources, including manufacturers, resellers, and installers. This allows us to arrive at a true representation of the standard industry cost. We use this same level of research to verify hourly rates and other related costs, such as those for rental equipment, permits, etc.

Actual Cash Value
In addition, we are often asked to calculate actual cash values of involved electronic equipment to use as a settlement until the equipment is replaced. Our experience and resources allow us to accurately determine the life expectancy of any electronic, electrical, and electro-mechanical item, which in conjunction with its age and replacement cost, enables us to calculate actual cash value at the time of the loss.

This number is representative of the actual value of the item on the secondary market after market-dictated depreciation. It takes into consideration how often the item is replaced on average, if it has become obsolete, etc., to provide the most accurate value.

We provide consulting services on all types of hi-tech losses, including:

  • Fire & Smoke Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Mold Damage
  • Theft
  • OTR (Over the Road) & Transportation
  • Commercial & Residential Property
  • Terrorism Related Losses
  • Post-Disaster Losses
  • Virus Losses, Data Losses & Data Deletion
  • CAT