We offer the most comprehensive consulting and restoration services nationwide


Depending upon the size and scope of your electronic equipment loss, we offer four types of service:

On-site Inspection

Our engineers travel to loss sites nationwide to inspect, inventory and document all loss-related electronic equipment.  Having first-hand knowledge of the site and equipment often proves invaluable when resolving larger, more complex claims.

Desk Review

Not every loss requires a site visit. We can gather and review all the documents connected with a claim to determine what damage occurred, whether repair or replacement would return the insured to a pre-loss condition, and verify the costs associated—all right from our desks. As a result, we can resolve claims quickly via telephone and/or email.

In-house Testing

At our Chicago-area headquarters we are equipped with a 5,000 ft2, state-of-the-art diagnostic facility, which can test and evaluate all types of electronic equipment within 24 hours of receipt.

Quick Claims Processing

For losses under $10,000.00 we offer a cost-effective, flat-rate claim review, which can be completed in less than 15 days.

We recommend the best course of action, replacement or repair, and can provide any of the following support:

Damage verification

Lightning vs. power surge analysis

Causation analysis

Repair vs. replace analysis

Actual cash value (ACV)
Replacement cash value (RCV)
Like kind and quality cost (LKQ)

Repair-ability evaluation

Invoice review

Equipment certification

Warranty / maintenance reinstatement

Temporary equipment sourcing


Litigation support / expert witness

Cause and origin analysis

Our constant communication with you and the insured promises a smooth resolution to the entire claims process.

You can count on our clear communication to smooth the claims resolution process for you and the insured.

You can resolve claims confidently with our expert recommendations.


We are equally capable of restoring equipment in the field or at our Chicago facility.


When a commercial building or high-end residence suffers significant damage, the impaired equipment must often be removed to be evaluated and/or restored.

In these circumstances, our Chicago-area warehouse proves a convenient and economic solution.


Cleaning on-site is recommended when contaminated equipment is very large, must be run as part of a production line or is economically infeasible to move.

Local but off-site

In some situations both the facility and the cost to ship are undesirable. TechLoss will then use a local, third-party facility or secure a portable cleaning platform.

We ensure that our decontamination and repairs are scientifically verifiable and meet U.S. industry standards.

Data Recovery

Whether triggered by viruses or corruption, the loss of data and custom computer programs can bring a business to a standstill, costing thousands of dollars to recreate.

We can determine if the data can be recovered, then extract it to any form of media for use by forensic accountants, investigators or the insured. We also perform secure data deletions, per Department of Defense specifications.

Salvage & Resale

Because all equipment has some degree of intrinsic value, salvage can be the single greatest way to reduce financial exposure.

TechLoss has a deep network of buyers that specialize in salvage equipment and can secure competitive bids quickly.


Sometimes it can take months or even years to identify who is at fault and who is responsible for paying loss-related damages.

Our storage facility offers a secure, temperature-controlled environment that prevents further equipment corrosion. At 5,000 square feet it is sufficiently large to perform multiple joint vendor inspections, testing and repairs.

Our services are priced competitively and can scale to handle all of your needs.