In-House Testing

State-of-the-Art Electronic Equipment Restoration

We specialize in mitigating electronic, electrical, and electro-mechanical equipment losses. We accomplish this by providing damage control and returning the involved equipment to a pre-loss condition using a number of different avenues.

our restoration services

• On-site/Off-site Equipment Restoration
• In-house Equipment Restoration
• CAT Services

For a close-up look at our restoration projects, explore our Case Studies and Project Gallery.

It Pays to Think Restoration First

Research shows that the majority of smoke and water damaged electronic equipment can be restored to a pre-loss condition. New isn’t always better, especially when you consider that equipment restoration will:
  • Save you time – Because cleaning equipment is generally a much faster process than purchasing new. As a result, claims are resolved more quickly.
  • Contain costs – As a rule, restoring equipment is more cost-effective than replacing it. Comparing costs allows you to make more informed decisions.
  • Save your insured’s time – When you restore existing equipment, you know there will be no compatibility issues with existing equipment and no training requirements. It’s essentially plug and play. That allows insureds to get “back to normal” faster.

How We Make Life Easier for Claim Adjustors

• Up front, written job quotes are our way of doing business. This ensures there are no surprises.    Your written authorization gives our restoration professionals the green light to start work, and    confirms that all parties involved are in agreement as to job scope, fee structure and payment    schedule.

• We create detailed billing statements for each new project. They are formatted and prepared with    an eye to the potential audits that regularly arise with major losses.

• We honor requests for custom statements. Just ask us and we will accommodate your needs.