Equipment Restoration

Did you know that research shows 80% of all electronic equipment contaminated by smoke or water can be successfully returned to a pre-loss condition via restoration? Itís true. That means that if you revisit your closed files, and youíve replaced electronic equipment (with smoke or water contamination) more than 20% of the time, youíre probably paying your insured more than you should.

We understand that most adjusters donít have a technical background, and with TechLoss Consulting & Restoration, Inc. at your service, you donít need one. At TechLoss, we specialize in mitigating electronic equipment losses. We effectively accomplish this by providing damage control and returning the involved equipment to a pre-loss condition using a number of different avenues. Restoration is just one of them.

We have developed procedures for the sole purpose of restoring hi-tech electronics and have state-of-the-art cleaning facilities that are equipped with tech benches, compressed air, central vacuuming systems, de-ionized water, spray booths and drying ovens. We are also affiliated with top rated labs that can expedite wipe samples and other results when the situation demands.

Up front, written job quotes are our way of doing business. This ensures there are no surprises. Your written authorization gives our restoration professionals the green light to start work, and all parties involved are in agreement as to job scope, fee structure and payment schedule. Detailed billing statements are created for each new project, and are formatted and prepared for potential audits that regularly arise with major losses. Custom requests can be honored Ė just ask us and we will be able to accommodate any of your needs.