types of losses

In-House Testing

Been There, Done That, and Ready to Do It Again!

If it’s happened, chances are we’ve handled it. As a result, we can help you resolve a wide range of electronic losses, including these.

Lightning vs. Power Surge Analysis

Frequently, high-tech claims are initially categorized as lightning losses. This is not readily verified without detailed investigation, but it’s a crucial point, since policy coverage often hinges on causation.

Our degreed engineers will identify the distinguishing characteristics of the damages to determine if an electrical event was a viable cause for the loss.

Once verified, we employ partnerships with multiple lightning activity resources, local weather reporting stations, and electric utilities to substantiate any reported lightning activity or power irregularities on the date of loss.

We then analyze this information to construct a clear justification of the lightning activity (or non-activity) in question.

Fire and Smoke Damage

When a fire damages an insured’s facility, controlling the temperature and humidity levels are critical to damage control.

Materials like paper and plastic will cause sulfates and chlorides to be released with the smoke. Along with the humidity, these chemicals can form sulfuric and hydrochloric acids that can cause equipment and metal surfaces to become rapidly corroded. Major electronic loss damage can result as smoke infiltrates electronic equipment. Smoke can bridge electronic pathways causing equipment to short.

First, we take action to prevent or minimize smoke damage. Then, we assess and address the contaminated equipment to efficiently resolve the loss.

Water Damage

Water can cause electrical arcing to electronics if wet equipment is powered up following a loss.

Identification of the water source is critical to help identify the possible damages sustained. Water contamination can cause the bulk cancellation of service and maintenance contracts. If the proper actions are taken, and we can ensure that they are, then water contaminated equipment can easily be returned to its pre-loss condition.

Mold Damage

Mold damage has become a major and dangerous occurrence that is affecting 21st century liability and health. Dampness combined with broad temperature ranges in any building structure can naturally cause active mold spores and fungal growth. Often the heat generated by functioning electronic equipment has been proven to arrest mold growth.

Our engineers have experience assessing and handling mold- contaminated equipment and can offer knowledgeable resolution options.

Theft / Vandalism

When handling theft/vandalism losses, we implement a thorough review and investigative approach of all the original documentation to help determine what equipment was involved and if vandalized equipment has repair options.

We’ve learned that direct communication with the manufacturers provides the most feasible like-kind-and quality replacement. With the rapid growth of technology, it is often difficult to identify the best replacement for stolen or vandalized equipment. This is an area where adjusters find our technological expertise particularly helpful.

OTR and Transportation

TechLoss specializes in the evaluation of electronics suspected of being damaged while in transit or in an Over the Road (OTR) loss. Although these damages can range from undetectable to more than obvious, we can identify them and determine the best option for resolution.

Working closely with the equipment dealers, manufacturers and third party vendors, we provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution for OTR damages. When necessary, we can coordinate repairs nationwide.

Commercial and Residential Property

Rapid response combined with thorough analysis is critical within the commercial and residential loss environments. Damage to the electronic components in equipment can occur within days. Rust and pitting often occur as a result of the burning of plastic materials combined with water, which then become highly corrosive.

The most effective and conclusive way to prevent severe damage to machinery or electronics is to perform immediate analytic testing of contamination levels on both the exterior and interior surfaces of your equipment.

Our degreed engineers apply the required testing procedures in a timely manner to help prevent potential and unnecessary replacement that may result in weeks of downtime, whereby restoration may only take hours or maybe a few days.

Terrorism Related Losses

Global terrorism has created a potentially catastrophic set of unforeseen events that we hope never come to fruition again. However, our rapid deployment team is available 24/7. Having been called into action during 9/11 reminds us that one has to be prepared both physically and emotionally to assist with losses of this nature. We have the experience to remain on the front lines to assist insureds in these emotionally stressful situations.

Virus Losses, Data Losses and Data Deletion

Virus, data and custom programming can cost thousands of dollars to recreate manually. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can evaluate data storage devices such as magnetic tapes and hard drives following a loss and identify if data is available and recoverable. When data is available, we can quickly extract the data to any form of media for use by forensic accountants, investigators or the insured.