who we serve

In-House Testing

Professional Service Across Allied Professions

We serve a variety of industries and entities that require the expertise of an electronic loss specialist. We move easily between these worlds and can modify our services and approach depending on what you need.

Insurance Carriers

Insurance carriers turn to us for our speedy turnaround, meticulous reports, and cost-effective recommendations. Our specialties include identifying subrogation opportunities, minimizing business interruption, and analyzing contracts.

Self-Insured Companies and Not-for-Profits

Self-insured companies and not-for-profit organizations use us much in the way our insurance clients do. We’ve handled a wide range of projects for large corporations, universities, churches and archdioceses, and even utility boards.

Independent Adjusters

Sometimes, independent claim adjusters require an electronic loss specialist, too. But they need one who can work in tandem with their style. We offer as much or as little support as requested. Want us to explain things to the insured? No problem. Prefer us to submit reports under your heading? Will do. Whatever your preference, our objective is to support you.

Government Entities

Government entities call on us for cause and origin work, data retrieval and destruction, and a range of sensitive projects. We’ve worked for the FBI, ATF, and Department of Energy, as well as states and municipalities.

The Legal Industry

Law firms and prosecutors calls on us to investigate circumstances surrounding a loss, assist with subrogation, review expert opinions, and provide expert witness testimony. (Actually, our degreed engineers document every file as though it will end up in court.)